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After that unforgettable day in September of 2001... was clear that our first responders were not being given the tools to respond to such disasters.  A few years later in 2005, we saw again with Katrina that large scale disasters can overwhelm us.

Disaster Management Solutions was born in the post 9/11 era when first response professionals and technology professionals came together to Do More than what was previously being done.  By bringing cutting edge technology to the first response community, our goal was to help improve our response.  Not only for the large scale disasters that may dominate headlines and news coverage, but also for the smaller scale matters that may never be known outside a small region and that happen every day.  The challenge is the same.  Use technology to capture and disseminate information - quickly and immediately - so that critical decisions can be made with the most accurate and up to date information available.

Disaster Management Solutions pioneered such applications as patient tracking which has been utilized in real world events like Hurricane Gustav, the Mississippi flood, NASCAR, Kentucky Derby, and the Boston Marathon, to name a few.  We have participated in over 100 exercises and drills, validating our technology and the commitment to configurable systems.  No two areas are alike and a system that does not allow itself to be configured for specific regional needs and use cases are just not practical.  Only configurable technology can effectively solve the myriad challenges that first response faces.


Do More​

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