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KARDIA - Configurable Software Technology

The solutions below are just a few examples of what our Kardia platform can do.  Because our solutions are 'configured' and not 'customized', it requires no programming to configure solutions for very specific and detailed needs.  Every form and field and all the logic behind them are defined separately and our software merely reads the configuration database and renders the application.  The result provides tailored solutions at far lower cost and with far greater robustness than custom developed apps.  If you can make do with an existing configuration - then great, you will have a well tested, low cost solution.  But if you ever need to make a change, you can do so simply and cost effectively.

Patient Tracking



We are a software technology company.  Our 'Kardia' software platform allows for configuring completely tailored solutions.  It is easy to say 'we do patient tracking' or we do 'inventory management', but only with configurable technology can a solution be tailored quickly and robustly to your exact needs without waiting for months or even years.

As an example, suppose you want to collect patient information at the point of transport from scene to hospital.  You will probably want to collect their tag#, status, name, gender and destination.  Now suppose you are at the hospital and receiving patients in.  Do you need to enter the destination?  No.  This simple example illustrates




Tracking patients is our most common application, but supplies and inventory management is where we came from.  Multi-location? Lot and expiration tracking?  SNS?  We have done a number of configurations and bring process expertise from many years of live applications used in daily operations.

Other features: purchasing and receiving, order entry and shipping, integration with other systems, flexible lot traceability.  All of this based upon our configurable technology, so we don't force you to operate according to hour our software works, we make our software work according to how you operate.




Many of our clients take advantage of our configurable platform and develop solutions for more routine use beyond just tracking patients.  CEU tracking is one example.  Three times a year, one of our clients holds EMS conferences and they track the individuals attending each session.  At the end of the day, they blast email a 'receipt' to each individual that provides them the CEU credits they have earned attending the conference.  A recent addition is an automated upload of a spreadsheet of attendees so that end users can easily migrate registrant information.

Flu Compliance



It can be a daunting task to keep track of the flu compliance status of all your employees.  One of our clients, with over 15,000 employees, modified our base system to incorporate flu shot tracking and compliance.

Each night, a secure upload of employee information occurs with our server so that employee information is kept up to date.  Then, employees can either attend the annual flu event, where mobile scanners track vaccinations and collect employee signatures for acceptance or declination, or they can login into a central web site and follow an easy 'wizard' application to upload flu shot information they may have obtained elsewhere. 


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